Meet Lisa

Lovely to meet you! My name is Lisa and I support a range of small businesses with developing their online presence.

Would you like to have a consistent online presence for your business? One where your business is easily found online and is consistent across the different platforms?

If so, I can help you to achieve this through professional website design, branding, content creation and automations, such as email and messenger marketing.


I work remotely with a range of businesses across the UK, supporting with all things tech and design in relation to developing and growing their business’s online presence.

An online presence is really important as it helps you and your business to stay visible, as well as building your reputation. Before clients will invest in your business, they need to get to know you, get to like you and know they can trust you. This is why consistency is really key! Tech can be a really useful tool, to encourage that interaction and engagement with your potential clients.

Prior to setting up my business, I worked within the education sector, across a range of business types; from small not-for-profits, to large international and commercial business. I taught and assessed a range of courses; including Digital Marketing and ICT. I was also involved in leading a range of marketing events and organising banners, flyers and documentation. I have quite a varied skill set and wealth of experience, but my real passion is for technology, creativity and helping others.

As a business owner myself, and an ex-teacher, I really do have a passion for helping others succeed within their own businesses. I can support my clients either through completing the tasks required, explaining what I am doing and why, or by sharing the know-how through eBooks, courses and power hours. I love implementing new software and how it can help make my client’s businesses more accessible and also more efficient.

Technology is continually evolving, with many people researching businesses online before enquiring or committing to buy from them.

Embrace technology! Don’t let a lack of time, confidence or know-how stop you from moving forward with your business. 

I can support you remotely from my home in Hertfordshire, UK, working with clients throughout the UK and beyond!

I am also fully insured with Markel Direct and I am registered with the ICO.

Interested in working with me? Contact me today!

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