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The Business Management Solution

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to keep on top of your client enquiries, contracts, projects and invoicing?

Maybe you like the look of Dubsado but are not tech savvy and need someone to set everything up?

Dubsado is an amazing platform that allows you to automate emails, calls, invoicing and more, meaning you can spend the time on the areas of your business that really need it. If Dubsado sounds like something that will be perfect for you and your business, but you would like it set up for you then keep reading…

Dubsado Support Package

For this Dubsado package I work in collaboration with my associate Laura. Laura is strategy genius, so will be able to make sure you’ll get the very best from the platform and with my speciality being the tech I’ll be able to get all the automations set up for you.

Step 1: 20 minute call with me, to talk about your business and what you need from Dubsado. We’ll also talk through how many workflows your business may need. (Generally, one workflow is required per package.)

Step 2: If you decide it is right for you, we’ll get the paperwork and payment all sorted. We will also arrange the 60 minute call with Laura and ask you to complete questionnaire to ensure all aspects are covered.

Step 3: You’ll need to sign up to Dubsado, which costs £267 per year or £27 per month, however, if you use my affiliate code: EMPOWEREDONLINE you will receive 20% off.

Step 4: You’ll have a 60 minute call with Laura, where you’ll talk through exactly what you need, get an outline in place and plan out any next steps, such as sharing branding, logins and the copy for emails.

Step 5: I will then get to work on the tech, and set up your automations. (approximately 10 – 14 days from your call with Laura)

Step 6: We will then share with you a video library for you to refer to, taking you through all the elements of your workflows.

Step 7: You will be provided with 14 days of email support to answer any questions or queries. Additional videos can also be provided in this time if needed.

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